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Happy Skirt :)

It makes me Happy to wear this skirt!  - and specially when I get nice compliments too πŸ˜„

The fabric is a kind of light scuba, so it doesn't wrinkle and it's perfect for travelling!

The Square neck Top is from an earlier project.

Tie front Sheath Dress

The apple-tree flowers make me Happy! 🍎  For this dress I have combined turquoise and cerise sweatshirt fabric. These colors make me smile because it reminds me  of the first sewing project I ever made.
When I was around 18-20 years old I was together with my mother at Hauske's clothing factory and I was allowed to buy 2 tops with long sleeves and turtleneck, cerise and turquoise color. I made tank-tops with cutting of the sleeves and turtleneck, then I zig-sac over the armhole and neck. Voila, then I had two new tops! Since it was modern with leg-warmers and headband, the sleeves and the turtleneck were also used. I got three things out of a top with long sleeves, and I was very proud!

 Actually, the tie can be knotted once or twice, but since the fabric it a bit heavy I like to knot it only once.
Burdastyle pattern #114 05/2018

Thanks for featuring My Dress BurdaStyle!

Printed Jersey Jacket

A new Blouse Jacket is always welcome πŸ‘š  The fabric is from                       I have used interfacing for the front part since the fabric is stretchy. The pattern is from BurdaStyle 03/2008.  As you can see the jacket has raglan sleeves, but the nice thing is the gathering on the lower part of the sleeves.   I like the style very much and I think it's nice both together with pants or a skirt. 

I'm on the ferry heading home,  and looking in the newest BurdaStyle issue πŸ˜„

Tie Wrap Blouse

I had this wonderful jersey in my stash  and thought it would be nice for a top or blouse. I like wrap garments, and this pattern was great! The piping around the neck and the front is a nice detail. I have used two push-buttons at the inside,  and then it's easy to knot the belt.

Burdastyle pattern #104 02/2018

Burdastyle pattern #104 02/2018

Striped top

I'm in love with STRIPES πŸ’• The King's Singers: Now is the month of Maying Since it is our national Holiday very soon I love to wear  my top with the colors of the Norwegian flag ! I like the way the stripes fit at the seams, and it was FUN to make πŸ˜„ The gathering in front is very nice too.  I have also made another top of the same pattern with printed jersey. 

It's a pattern from BurdaStyle 6/2005. The Red Blouson Jacket is an earlier project.

Red-White Dress

I feel good to wear my new Red-White striped dress! πŸ’’ This is a pattern I've tried once before,  and you can see the dress in my Colorblock Collection Since the stripes were wide, it wasn't so easy to match it, but in a way I managed. The fabric is light jersey and since it was a bit transparent I have added white jersey lining, and I'm Happy with the outcome!πŸ˜„   

BurdaStyle Pattern #119 04/2016

Striped Sweater

Sometimes I need an easy project! 
This is top is very quickly made.  The only thing with stripes are that you have to spend a little time to match the stripes in the seams.  If not, it won't be nice! πŸ˜„

The top is based on pattern #103 BurdaStyle 07/2011.