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1st Episode of Sewing Bee!

FINALLY, the PREMIER of the Sewing Bee has come! ♥ I have to admit that I didn't sleep very well the night before we started next morning... We stayed at Thon hotel Rosencrantz which is a nice and cozy hotel.

We had to be ready for photoshoot at 07.15! The city of Bergen is nice in the morning :) Here are the best SEWING FRIENDS! ♥
We were so excited, nervous and “filled with butterflies”,  and we didn't know what to expect for the first assignment of sewing.
For each episode we have to fulfill 3 projects within the time limit: A pattern project witch you have to follow very carefully. The time limit may be different from a project to another.A transformation project. Time limit: 1 hour 30 min.A project which you have planned at home. Time limit may be different from a project to another. The first assignment was to sew a WRAP SKIRT of brocade fabric,  and we had 2 hours to finish the skirt.
I fell in love with a lovely orange Chinese Brocade.  At that time I didn't real…