Red & Blue Waves ~~

Curves is the way of nature, and it feels soft and natural, that's why I like waves 🌊
Here I'm together with the host for a local mannequin show I had at Jelsa.

I had these two lovely knitted wool sweaters, and cut them as shown on the picture.
Then they fitted well together, both for the front and the back.
I stitched the upper parts to the lower parts before sewing the waves together.
I carefully stitched the waves with normal stitches and "feeding" the sewing maskin with pushing 
the knitted fabric so it wouldn't stretch, and I used the overlock maskin afterwords.
It was perfect to use the red sleeve for the red-side and the blue sleeve for the blue-side. 
Of course, the nice thing about refashion is that you don't have to do the hemming 😊
I made a braided belt as decoration.

From a local newspaper 😊


  1. I truly love this! I am always impressed with your refashioning skills. Very flattering on you and I like the belt you made also.

    1. It makes me happy to hear :-) Thanks a lot Linda!


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