Dress with Pleats!

🌸🌸🌸Flowers is great this time of year! 🌸🌸🌸

I fall in love with this fabric when we were in Copenhagen,
and thought it would be nice for a blouse or a dress.

When I found this pattern in BurdaStyle issue 12/2019, I knew; "This is IT!"😄
I like to challenge myself and this dress has several small pleats in front,
and at the back it has a small split with a tie.

When I started the sewing I had to carefully stitch the line by hand to make it nicely.
It didn't look so nice before I had iron it, but thereafter it looks good.
The fabric flow very nicely below the pleats, and the dress is comfortable to wear.
With the long sleeves I can also use it in the wintertime, and in a party!

It's not so easy to see the split at the back of the neck,
but it's very nice with the tie. 

BurdaStyle #106 12/2019


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