Silk chiffon from St Petersburg ♥

I was lucky to find this beautiful silk chiffon when visiting St Petersburg!
I knew that I wanted to make something special, 
and thought a dress like this would be the right choice!

I have used the pattern several times since I like it very much!
I had to use lining for the dress, but I wanted to have the sleeves transparent.

I have used very narrow zig-sag stitches for the hem and then cut the fabric close to the stitches. 

Before sewing the zipper it's a good idea to iron it flat first.

I have uses vlieseline where the zipper is sewn.

To make the zipper correct on both sides, I cut a hake in the zipper so I knew where it's going to end.

The dress without lining. 


  1. that is gorgeous, great use of the fabric.

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely compliments Beth!

  2. I love your fabric!! Very pretty and love the dress you made using this fabric.
    I am always envious of your fabrics!

    1. You know, I love colors, and can not resist such fabric when I see it... ;-)


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