Gathered Drape Wrap Dress 🧡

 I have bought all the three drape drape books by Hisako Sato, and it's very fun to try new patterns! It's a challenge to draw the patterns, and some of them can be huge!

I like playing with jersey, and it's best to use a light jersey so the gathering looks nice. 

The sleeves are very special too. In fact, you just sew them together around the armholes, but leave them open under neath. 

This was supposed to wear like a dress, but I figure out it was best to wear it together with a pair of shorts...

This pattern is from the drape drape 3 book. 


  1. Pretty dress Ellen, it drapes beautifully and I love the colour too.

  2. that looks so pretty, an interesting design.

    1. Thanks Beth! yeah, it's always nice to try new styles and patterns :)


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