Origami Dress for Easter πŸ’›

Happy days are here again! 🌞

This is the same pattern as I used for my Marfy Dress
only this time with the real origami pattern that I made for a corset.

I started with drawing the lines where the foldings should be,
and then added the the paper to make the origiami folds.

It's a very long pattern.

This is the origami pattern how it's going to be.

- and this is how the corset looks like when it's finished.

I have used a BurdaStyle pattern as basic to make the dress.

The dress is based on 
BurdaStyle pattern #108 03/2014.


  1. Amazing Ellen, I'd like to know how long it takes you to make the paper pattern.

    1. Thanks! It takes nearly a day, or two if I'm working slowly :)


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