TR Balloon 🎈

I'm very surpriced how this dress turned out! 🀩

This is one of the tasks to become a TR master.
I started to sew the square part on the top, draw the lines and cut it apart. 

It's a bit tricky to sew the pieces together.

I managed, and I'm surpriced to see how the "balloon" turned out.

I wanted to make a backpart to match the lines for the front part.

I thought I could sew it together and then cut it apart,
but then I had to sew a small piese for each part for the zipper.

I wanted the skirt to "flow" and inserted white linen for the sides.


  1. Wow Ellen, I think this is my favourite. I love the balloon.. you are truly brilliant. I really love how both the sides of the dress are different and how you also match the shoulders with the front and back. I'm interested in how long this took you to make.

    1. Thanks for your lovely compliments Summer Flies! The time consuming is to make the pattern, but when it's done, it's just to sewing all the pieces together :) I can't leave a project, so I have to finish it within one or two days..


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