Maxi Dress for a Wedding!

My lovely niece wanted to have a colorful dress for a wedding,
and she loves this kind of style that I have made once before,
so it was an easty choice!

The pattern is from BurdaStyle 04/2021.

I made the facing for the upper part to the seam line so it was easy to open and close the top. 

I made ruleau to fit the buttons.

Shiny buttons are great :)

The top is finished with the sleeves that have elastic at the sleeve hem.

The first flounce are gathered and stiched together.

The skirt is finished and ready to stitch together with the top.

- and the dress is finished!

I made a bow and handkerchief for her husband to match the dress.

BurdaStyle pattern #102 04/2021


  1. Den va kjempe fine på Signe🥰👍Mønsteret på den lika eg så godt🤩👍


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