Girl's Jacket, Sweater & Tights!


This is a fabulous fabric that I fell in love with ๐Ÿ’—

The fabric is like an adventure, and I decided to make some nice clothes for a young girl.

I cut out all the pieces, and I had enough fabric to make both a jacket, sweater and a pair of legging.

I found a sparkling rubber-band in my stash that was great to use toghether with this fabric.

I have stitched the zipper in place, and also the facing.
I have stitched a seam close to the zipper and around the neck as well.

BurdaStyle Kids Fashion 01/2022 

The sweater are gathered at the neck and at the front panel.

I have used the same rubber-band at the hem as for the jacket.

Ottobre kids pattern.

The leggings has a wide waistline, and since the fabric are very steady 
I haven't use rubber-band at the waistline.

Burda Kids Fashion 01/2022


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