Thursday, 25 August 2016

Nice Stripes :)

Stripes is always nice, but the only thing is to match them correctly at the seams..
This pattern has a little pleat in front and it's great to wear on a hot summer day, or when you are picking blueberry in the garden :)

For the straps and around the neck I have cut the stripes on the length.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Heart Top ♥

I wanted to try a technique I have used several times before, and why not make hearts which everyone loves ♥ Since the white fabric is very soft I decided to cut out the hearts of the red layer which are steadier jersey, and also since this fabric doesn't fringe. First I draw the hearts on the fabric and then stitching on top of my drawings, and finally cutting the hearts out.

I thought it was nice to use the same red fabric as facing and press it down                   like a little collar.
The skirt is from an earlier project.
If you like, you can see it here