Marfy Dress

           I have waited for the right moment trying out this Marfy pattern. It's from the catalogue 2014/15. 
           It has a nice square neck and to pop it up I've used the technique with peter ribbon. 
           Enclosed a picture from BurdsStyle. 
           Black linen is great sewing with, and it makes it special with the back length a bit longer than in front as well. 
           I wasn't sure to put on the short sleeves, and I think it was nice without as well, but then I can use it even if the weather is a bit colder :)


  1. Hi Ellen, well done!!! You have made an interesting combination with Marfy and Burda. I like your idea!! Thank you for sharing honey.

    1. So nice to hear :) Thanks for your lovely compliment sweety!

  2. Cool Dress. Glad you have a blog because since I have downloaded Windows 10, I am unable to leave comments on Burdastyle for some unknown reason. Anyway to cut to the chase, would you mind me sharing any of your sewing projects on Sassy Sewing Bees in the future? I link to your post and let you know when, on the post in question .

    1. Thanks Sassy! That's weird.., but I hope you will find a solution. It makes me happy if you like to share any of my project. Cheers to you! :)

    2. Thanks Ellen. Have to use other computers to post comments which is a pain hehe. Fortunately, most I want to comment on have blogs, so I can post that way.

  3. Hi Ellen, I just love this dress. The fit on you is just perfect!

    1. It makes me Happy to hear :) Thanks alot Camelia!


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