Dress with Applique

Butterflies is Lovely in summertime ☼
This is an easy pattern, but I like it very simple :) To make it a bit special I appliqued some butterflies and added a flounce around the neck as in the instruction. I have used light cotton blend, but since the fabric is transparent I used light blue lining.

To make an applique you can cut out butterflies or make your own style with any fabric you like, and use appliqued paper to iron on (it has glue on both sides), so it's easy to iron the applique on the garment you want it to stay. For sewing you need to have an underlayer with appliqued paper (without glue) so the stitches will be nice. It's easy to remove the paper away on the backside afterwords.



  1. Beautiful dress, I love the work you did with this butterflies!!! It's a good idea!!
    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. It makes me happy to hear ;-) Thanks a lot MyLucky!


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