Peplum Jacket

Here is the story how I made this lovely jacket.

The pattern I have chosen is from Burda Easy 02/2017

 I found this beautiful wool brocade fabric in a local shop.
It very nice with the woven silver treads,
so I decided it would be great for a short jacket.
This is how it's going to look like.
 I had to treat the parts very nicely since it's fraying a lot.

I have used silver piping for the neck-line.
The sleeves are ready to be sewn on the body. 
 The lining is cut and sewn together.

Jacket is finished! 


  1. Awesome jacket!!! Very nice.

  2. Just beautiful! You look great in it!

  3. Fin jakke! Og veldig interresant glidelås :)

  4. Super nice jacket ! Looking fabolous Ellen as always.

  5. Sow just love the tissue and the jacket...,went the same! ;)


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