Orange Flower Top

I'm so grateful for knowing these Lovely people 💕
I got this beautiful jersey from my sewing-bee friend Monica

Since I had just a little piece of the fabric I had to think twice..

I decided to use yellow jersey on the other side of the ties for the sleeves.

I use my finger to follow the line, then I can sew even faster...

The yellow makes a little pop-up detail to the top.

I have adjusted the neck at the back since I didn't want to have it that deep. 

The top is ready to wear 😄


  1. Very cute! Thanks for the tip

  2. Kjempe fine topp,flott mønster🤗

  3. Jeg tenkte Monica med en gang jeg så stoffet 😂, jersey med masse farger. Toppen er veldig fin og stoffet også, fargen på den er bare 😍

    1. he, he, så kjekt at du likte den ;-)

  4. Cute top! I like orange and yellow together!


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