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Holiday Dress ☼

I love sewing with linen, and I found this lovely fabric in my stash 🌸🍁 I was curious about this pattern from BurdaStyle October issue, and thought is could be nice for a summer dress as well. I have omitted the tie at the neck and made the dress without sleeves. I like how the skirt is falling and that it's longer on the sides, and of course it's nice to wear linen on holiday 🌞 

The top is ready and the skirt to come!

BurdaStyle pattern #103 10/2019

Refashion with a Twist :)

I tried to find colors which suit together with the skirt I had from an earlier project. I wanted to fresh the skirt up with a new top! 
I had this under-dress in my wardrobe that I didn't use, and an old lightweight wool sweater from my husband which suits together :) 
The bias around the neck is a tiny part from the dress.

I have used the lace from the under-dress as a decoration for the top of the new dress. I also used the sleeves from the sweater as a combination for the top.  The rest of the sweater is taken care of so I can make a skirt for another dress later... 
The sleeves are from a jacket which I have used for an earlier project. I have used the pattern for the top to make a Color-blocked Dress earlier.

My lovely model, Torhild πŸ’• We are singing together in the choir ♪♫

Heads Up!

When you have leftovers from earlier project it's nice when you can get use of them.. I had exactly enough for the front part and the sleeves,  so therefore I have combined it with a plain white jersey I had in my stash. I love printed fabric and made a Two-piece-look-dress of this fabric a while ago.
 I have used a red tie as a pop-up for the shirt, and it was perfect together with the lipstick :) I have made a Blue shirt with tie earlier.

The pattern is from an old BurdaStyle 2005.

Wool Dress with Leaves

I love to wear wool garments when the weather is getting colder...
I was lucky to find this delicious merino wool on the web from I wanted to make an easy dress where I could take advantage of the nice pattern
at the one side of the fabric, so therefore my choice where this pattern from BurdaStyle.
I have made a Fly away Dress earlier, and are very happy with the outcome 😊

Burdastyle #101 06/2016

Jersey Dress with Belt

My lovely singing girlfriend from the choir, Signe Britt 🌹 I made the pattern from an old dress that I like very much. It's not so easy to see the, but I have combined the blue/black batik jersey with plain black.    It's seldom that I use pleats on the back of the skirt, but I think it looks good. The pockets is made of one piece of fabric and folded. The belt is pulled through a piece of fabric in front which is a nice detail.

This picture is taken when we had a local catwalk πŸ’ƒ

Happy Colour Blouse 😊

As you may know I love colors πŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’™ I was lucky to find this lovely chiffon on a market in the Netherlands. 
This is rather an easy top to make since the sleeves are
together with the front and back panel.
The only thing which took some time was to make the gathering at the neckline.
I used lining under the front part since the chiffon are transparent.
The sleeves has a finish with rubber-band. 

Burdastyle pattern #108 02/2018

Refashion Black & Orange!

This is real FUN! 🧑🧑🧑
I have turned the orange jacket back-forward and cut of the sleeves.
I have hand-stitched the opening were the buttons are.
The new sleeves are from an old wool top
and I have used the cuffs from the orange jacket.
The decoration around the neck is a rubber-band decoration
on an old turtleneck top, therefore it looks like it's gathered.
The skirt is simply a dress I found in my wardrobe,
(which I didn't use anymore), and I have cut in half.

My lovely and good friend, Torunn at a local Catwalk-show :)