Refashion with a Twist :)

I tried to find colors which suit together with the skirt I had from an earlier project. I wanted to fresh the skirt up with a new top! 

I had this under-dress in my wardrobe that I didn't use, and an old lightweight wool sweater from my husband which suits together :) 
The bias around the neck is a tiny part from the dress.

I have used the lace from the under-dress as a decoration for the top of the new dress. I also used the sleeves from the sweater as a combination for the top.  The rest of the sweater is taken care of so I can make a skirt for another dress later... 

The sleeves are from a jacket which I have used for an earlier project.                        
 I have used the pattern for the top to make a Color-blocked Dress earlier.

My lovely model, Torhild ๐Ÿ’•
We are singing together in the choir ♪♫


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