Wool Refashion Dress

This is another Transformation Dress made from wool garments.
You can use mostly everything you have and combine the garments 
back-forward, up-side-down or however you like.
I'ts fun to play with colors and different combination 
to figure out how to put the items together in a new way 😊
As you can see I have used the sleeves from the jacket 
I used for the Easy Transformation Dress that I made.

I like the back part very much. 
The V-neck is turned back, and I have used the bottom of the long jacket for the collar.  
  The pants became a skirt, and the body of the sweater the upper part.
I used the sleeves of the jacket and the ribbon for the waist.

I had a butterfly belt buckle which was perfect to use at the back of the collar.