Easy Refashion :)

This is an easy transformation dress.      
I have combined garments that I don't wear anymore and which I think are nice together;

1. an orange jacket for the upper front and back part.

2. a turtle neck sweater for the sleeves.

3. a short top up-side-down for the collar, and the little cap-sleeves as a finish at the end of sleeves.

4. a wool pants for the skirt.

5. a rib from a bolero jacket for the waist line. 

Voila - Finished! 😊

Lisa, my lovely colleague, was my model at a local mannequin show.

     I started with sewing the sleeves to the upper part and the collar to the neck, and the waistline to the skirt. And finally the skirt to the top.


  1. Wow! I am truly impressed. It takes a certain I think to refashion garments, you definitely have it going on.

    1. Thanks Linda! yeah, I'm having a lot of fun playing with garments! ;-)


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