T-shirt & Hem Tie Pants

These pants are great for holidays!
I have used the same fabric as I've used for the Skirt, but only the opposite way.

The pant has an invisible zipper at the side and hem tie at the bottom of the legs which makes it unique.

I also made a T-Shirt together with the skirt. I like the little bow as a finish for the short sleeves 😏

You can see that I have used one panel of the fabric two different ways.


  1. Clever way to combine the fabrics into the two sets - like an ultra-mini, mini capsule...! Do you think the t-shirt sleeves can be sewn without the bow?

    1. Thanks Ingrid! Of course you can make them without the bow :)

  2. Great look Ellen!! Beautiful fabric and interesting how it looks flipped upside down from the skirt. A totally different 'look'. So pretty!!!


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