Red & White Stripes!

Piemonte - Italy ๐Ÿ’—

Stripes are fun to sew with, but you have to be carefully when matching the seams.
This is a dress pattern that I like very much and I've made a Scuba Dress earlier.

I have tried to match the stripes for the side pockets as well :)

I have used cotton voile as lining for the dress.

 At the end of the zipper, I change from an invisible zipper-foot 
to the ordinary zipper-foot to match the back seam.

I'm also sewing the lining with to the zipper with the sewing machine, and after turning the lining to the right side, I'm sewing another seam close to the zipper so it's easy to pull it up- and down.

 I'm stitching the lining around the arm holes by hand.


  1. Another beautiful dress!! And thank you for showing and talking a little about your construction techniques. Never thought of a 2nd seam by the zipper/lining for ease in zipping up/down. I shall be trying that soon. Love learning from you Ellen as much as I enjoy seeing your beautiful makes!!

    1. You are always so sweet Lisa, thanks for all your lovely words! ♥


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