Twisted Gathered Drape Dress!➰

This is another pattern from drape drape 3!

I'm always curious to try out new patterns. As you can see this is very special..
 I had exactly enough of this fabric. Normally I would choose a colorful fabric, 
but when you make draping garments it's best to use plain colors, 
and for the moment I didn't have any colorful plain jersey.
The draping and the gathering shows better than on a very colorful jersey.
This was a great challenge and I like the twisted style 🖤
It suppose to wear as a dress, but for me it was a bit short, 
so I think I prefer to use it together with some colorful tights! 


As you can see the sides looks very different.

Pattern from Drape-Drape 3


  1. MultiVroon:

    That is so odd, lol, but pretty! You can't see how it is done.

  2. I'm about to make this dress! The instructions for the neckline are a bit vague! Hoping I can work it out.

    1. Oh, that's great! Wishing you all good luck! :)


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