90's Vintage Jacket πŸ’š

This is a vintage pattern from 1991. 
It's always nice to try the same pattern you have used earlier for a new garment,
 and of course it will be different because you use another fabric and maybe the sewing skills is better than is was.. I only bought one meter of the jersey because I wasn't sure about the color, 
but I was not disappointed.  

I thought black was perfect together with this green color.
Therefore I decides to use a black zipper and decorated with the black ribbons.
I made the Pants for a member model challenge at BurdaStyle some years ago.

The interface for the jacket.

I have ironed a piece of vlise where the zipper is going to be.
I made button holes for the drawstring.

Zipper is sewn in place.

The interface is sewn afterward and with an inner seam.

Sleeves have to come next.

I found a finished ribbon for the cuffs.

Miss B 04/91


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