Pleated Top! πŸ’™

After all my draping I wanted to find a pattern that was not so challenging..
I ended up with this from BurdaStyle, but it was not so easy that I thought it would be.
I have made a Pleated Dress of the same pattern earlier, 
but had forgotten how to put it together.
I started with the front part with the pleats at the side and sew them together as the instruction. For the lower section you have to sew the triangle first 
and then overlap the double layover part.
I have tried to show it on the pics below.
I think it's best to use a plain color for the pleats to be visible in the garment.
The pants are an earlier project. 

This is the wrong side of the neck. I have used a double jersey tie and stitched it twice. One seam close to the connected line and another seam to fasten it to the neck. 

BurdaStyle pattern #117 03/2019



  1. Great outfit. Plain fabric really looks special with that pattern. Thanks for the review made me investigate my Burda collection - can see this top in my wardrobe in the near future!

    1. So nice to hear ;-) Thanks for your lovely compliments!

  2. Oh Ellen, this top is gorgeous, I must put it on my wishlist! Your dress , made with the pattern is also gorgeous, very interesting pattern!

    1. Thanks Camelia! You have made so many incredable dresses! :)

  3. Thanks for this. Due to your review making this top was a lot easier than it could have been


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