Linen Dress with Pleats!

This is a Great dress for summer ☼

I love to wear linen when the weather is nice and warm.
It's delicious even though it can wrinkle.

I read in an article regarding linen to avoide the fabric to wrinkle, then you should:
1. Before washing DRY iron linen on highest setting possible.
2. Wash fabric with detergent in hottest water.
3. Dry in high heat dryer until almost dry.
4. Press again.

I have not tried it yet, but I surtenly will try it once to see if it's useful.

The patten I chose has pleated neck at the front.

I have cut out the inserts and the belt-tunel for the waist.

The inserts is iron with vliseline at first and overlocked at the bottom edge.

At the middle on the wrong side of the dress I also baste the belt to the dress.

I have stitched very closely to the edge, both around the neck and around the armholes.

BurdaStyle pattern #108 04/22


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