Top with Vortex Origami 🧡

This is one of the task I had to make at the origami course by Shingo Sato.


I had to draw the lines where the pleats should be,
and then filled in with the triangles to fold.  

This is how it looks like on the wrong side,

and on the right side.

The best is to use cotton fabric so you easily can see where you have fold it.

The layer is cut out and then I fold it in position.
I have to sew one fold at the time and starting from the middle.

This is how it looks like on the right side and the wrong side.

I decided to make a top with a zipper at the left side.

At first I made the split in front, and made inserts for the armholes.

Then I connected the waistline, and the top is finished 🧡

Zipper is in place.


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