Printed Palmtree Dress 🌴


I've had this pattern for a while, and now I found the time to try it!

It's from Stitch & Sew, a German magazine and I have used linen fabric 
bought at Rainbow Fashion.

I made a Blazer for my son last summer of the same fabric.

I started to make the bustier top.

It thought it looks rather big, but when I stitch it together it was all right.

The back part has quare neck that I really like.

It was a bit tricky to make the pleats for the skirt,
but I manage and this is how they are both in front- and the back of the skirt. 

I have sewn the pleats together at the top.

At last I made the belt that is aprox 4 cm wide with tie to turn around the waist and knot.

I'm Happy how the dress turned out 😊

Stitch & Sew pattern 1/2011


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