Origami Collar - Two different ways!


This origami collar is made as tree-layers on top of each other.  

I learned these techniques when I attend a course hosted by Shingo Sato.

The basic pattern for the half front is made and I have started with the bust-insert.

Then the pleats for the collar is made.

This is how the pattern looks like when you fold the pleats together.

- and this is on the wrong side.

I have to cut the pattern in two pieces, and it's important to fold the pleats together 
so you know where to fold it when stitching it together. I would prefer to use cotton fabric.

The collar is finished.

The second collar has three-layers inside each other. 

I can use the same pattern, I just have to turn it opposite.

I cut the same pattern, but fold the pleast inside instead of outside.

The pattern are ready to be stitched together.

This is how the collar turns out.


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