Baby's Suspender skirt 🌻

I bought this nice fabric from a sewing friend at FB.
I thought it would be great for a suspender skirt for our granddaughter.
Maybe she will be interested to work in the garden at a very early age πŸ˜‰

I tried to cut the pockets so the flowers should be seen.

The pockets are stitched in place, but you have to look very closely.

I have to cut two layers for the upper part, and the front pocket is in place.

The skirt are sewn together and gathered at the front.

- and the front part with suspenders are stitched together.

Enjoying the nice weather ☼

I have used suspender clips, but I made button hole 
for buttons so the suspender can be regulated. 

BurdaStyle 05/1994


  1. This looks cute, but I can't find pattern details 😒

    1. I finally found the pattern - it was lost for a while :-)

  2. Thanks Karey. It's from an old Burda magazine, but I will find it later on.


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