Baby's Jacket & Pants with 🐭🦊

Jersey is great for sewing babies garments πŸ’Ÿ

There is so many choices with different drawings, but I like this cute jersey with mice and foxes. 
I decided to make a jacket and a pair of pants for our granddaughter.

I stitched the shoulders together and attaching the sleeves, 

before sewing the sleeves and the sides together.

Then I stitched the zipper in place.

At last I stitched the neck band, the cuffs and the waistband.

I found the pattern in an old Burda Baby magazine from 13/89.

This pattern was very easy, but interesting at the same time. 

The pants have an insert at the bottom of the legs that makes it very cute.

The pants have rubber band at the waist.

Pattern from Ottobre Kids 04/2010 

Since I had enough fabric, I made a little hat as well.

The hat is made of a double layer of fabric.
Since I didn’t have enough of the original fabric, 
I decided to use a different fabric for the inner layer.

The hat is rather cute with the small cuddle ears.

Pattern from Ottobre Kids 01/2012


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