Pleated Blouse

Cotton voile is so comfy to wear and it's great for sewing blouses even if it is transparent. I wanted to make a blouse which I could wear together with my Panel Leggings I chose to use the same satin I have used for the leggings as binding around the neck and bottom of the sleeves. Since the sleeves were a bit long I made a little pleat and sew small buttons at the seam, same as the back button. I  have made an Earlier project of the same pattern, then I used silk which is very delicate.


  1. Neat top, great styling. I have been looking for a pattern with that sleeve inset to use lace for a 3/4 sleeve, I'll have to find that pattern....I know it's somewhere!!! :-)

    1. Thanks Rita! The pattern is from “Meine Nahmode” 04/2013 if you have this magazine..

  2. Pretty blouse, Ellen! Looks easy to wear with anything :) Happy Sewing!


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