2-pcs Knotted Dress

This is a great dress pattern and I have made the knotted shirt earlier. Since I didn't have enough of the  printed jersey, I decided to combined it with black jersey.  
I started sewing the shirt and all of a sudden I figure it out that it would be great to have a separate shirt and skirt. Then I could combined with my white knotted shirt as well :)  
I think the shirt will be very nice together with black pants too.
I have to say; I just love this printed fabric ♥ 

I try to place the pattern on the fabric for the best solution.
 I have use the twin-needle for the neck, hem and sleeves.


  1. What a fun print you used! Intriguing pattern! Great creation as always!

    1. It makes me Happy to hear :) Thanks a lot Georgia!


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