Polo Neck Dress

Since I had this soft cotton jersey in my stash 
I thought it would be nice for a cozy dress like this :)

The neck was a bit high, so I prefer to bend it in,
or to leave it open at the back. 

 Instead of sewing the zipper all up to the top of the neck 
I have used buttons as shown on the picture.

Grey is easy to cheer-up with a nice color, 
and red is always a great choice,
or a colorful scarf :)


  1. Very nice , Ellen! I like it more with the buttons on the back than all zipped up. It looks very cozy !

    1. It is Cozy and I'm in love with it already :) Thanks Camelia!!

  2. It's incredible how the patterns I don't like when I see them in Burdastyle magazine become fantastic when sewn by you! This dress is simple, but stylish! Expecially with red ;) kisses from Italy

    1. It's so sweet of you to say ;) Thanks a lot Matalana!


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