Spaghetti Strap dress

I fell in Love with this colorful fabric with flowers and butterflies
and thought it would be nice for a Lovely summer dress for Sara 💗

The top is made with 3 layers since it's draped and gathered to fit,
and it has a little flounce on top of the V-neck.

The skirt is gathered as well, so the dress is very fluffy! 😍


  1. Så nydelige fine kjole Ellen💟Spennande mønster og fasong👌Flotte modellen Sara😙

  2. Really pretty dress, Ellen, and Sara looks gorgeous in it!

  3. Very cute! It looks lovely on her. Well done!

  4. Agree with Eli Cat.... it looks perfectly lovely on her and must feel sumptious on. And those shoes.... she must take after her mother with a love for orange!!! :)


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