Part 1 - 2nd Episode Sewing Bee!

We are ready for new assignments! 

 The old Hop factory where we did all recordings.

Today, me and Jan were dressed up in my favorite color; 

For each episode we had to change sewing places, 
and today I had the first on right hand side. 

The first challenge this morning was to sew a dress with straps and clips of African wax fabric within 2 hours 45 minutes!

I was lucky to find this colorful African print fabric! I cut the pieces of pattern so it should match the pattern of the fabric, but after all we got to know that this was not a requirement.. When I should make the gathering for the skirt I got a lot of trouble because it turned out to be glue on my fabric... Luckily I managed at the last moment..!

I had to show Yasser how the part should be sewn together... 

All dresses on line and we are so excited to hear what the judge, 
Tine and Andreas will comment.

Photo: Tore Zakariassen
I got a lot of nice compliments.... YEAH !! ♥

The first and second place remain, and me and Monica are so EXCITED!! 

I was soooooo HAPPY when I got the first place!!

Second challenge was to make children clothes of men's shirt within 1 and a half hour!

We could choose maximum three shirts.
My choice was the red flannel shirt,
but I didn't know what I was going to make..

At the end Ingrid took the mannequin doll sewing with the skirt on,
while Bjørg is watching :)  

I called my outcome an inspired Japanese top with skirt.

I have used the collar opening on one side of the top, 
and the sleeve cuffs as lining for the skirt.

The judges were impressed of all the nice children clothes.

We had to mix the mannequin dolls so the judge shouldn't know 
who had made the different costumes. 

I was very happy to receive nice compliments!

          I was chosen to be no. 2 !

Tanja won the first place ! 
Foto: Tore Zakariassen

So - So HAPPY TO BE NR. 2 ;-)

To be continued for the SECOND PART of the SEWING BEE.....


  1. It so so fun to read your journey! So happy for you so far! Off to read the second part!

  2. Yeah......det e så bra!!Og kjekt å sjå <3

  3. Love following along on your journey!!! :) Congratulations on such a great placement this segment!!!

  4. P.S. Just clicked on your sidebar post to confirm that cute top you've got on is indeed the Burda Knotted Top! I made my version after seeing your oh-so-cute version!! Love it!! :)

    1. That's so nice to hear! It makes me happy if my sewing gives inspiration! :)


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