Part 1 - 4th episode Sewing Bee!

We are ready for new challenges! 

First challenge this morning was to sew a lace bra within 2 hours 45 minutes!

 We could choose from delicate lace fabric.

 I'm explaining how to lay the fabric on the fabric for Yasser.

 We were confused by the pattern which told us to use 6 mm seam, 
so we had to find the right sewing foot.

 It was a bit tricky to sew, so everyone had different challenges,
but Brage turned the model back-forward, so the bra didn't fit so well :)


Foto: Tore Zakariassen

  I got nice compliments from the judges and
was HAPPY to be no. 3!

 Brage got the first place and Yasser no. 2!

We were interviewed 3 times a day.

Second Challenge was a transformation project - to sew a garment of wool underwear within 1 hour 30 minutes!

We are so excited for the next challenge!

Starting shoot 1-2-3!

I was lucky to find my favorite colors, orange and blue :)

I got two tops with long sleeves and two underwear with long legs.

If I had enough fabric I was going to make a dress with bell sleeves and pleats on the shoulders. 

Ingrid is making a big braid to use on her top.
Trudie was nice to give me an orange T-shirt, then I could make a dress!

Christine was worried about me, and what I was doing when I was cutting the sides open to insert the "legs" of the underwear to use as a belt at the waist.
...but I was sure it should be nice!

Our host is taking a nap ZZZzzz...

Bjørg has finished her two pcs- set, and is relaxing together with Christine ♥
2 minutes to go!

 The judges were impressed by all the nice garments made on such short time!

Foto: Tore Zakariassen

The judges examined carefully the pleats, if  both sides was the same,
and were surprised. Yes they are!

I was HAPPY to be no. 2!

- and of course Monica was Happy to be no. 1!


  1. Hello dear, Ellen! Its really nice to follow you,in the Sewing Bee 2017!! I am enjoying to see all the difrent things you are creating. Its wonderful. Iam looking forward until next monday eve! Hudgefor you!

    1. Thank you Sweety!♥ It makes me Happy to hear ;-)

  2. Fun - thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thanks a lot Jen! Yeah, we had a lot of Fun, but very Busy Bee!

  3. All of you are very talented ! Oh my it would take me an hour just to figure out what to make out of the garments. Good job! Thanks for sharing !


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