Part 1 - 5th Episode Sewing Bee!

We are ready for a new Challenges!

Christine is thinking of Mark in Bridget Jones Diary :)

Our first challenge is to sew a Christmas Sweater with a Huge Applique on the front part - Time limit: 3 Hours! 

I'm going to make "Musevisa
It's a Norwegian song about the mice who celebrate X-mas.
If no one get into the mousetrap, they will all celebrate X-mas next year!  


 Andreas ask me if I'm going to use the sewing machine for every thing,

and I say: "Yes, or can I glue it?" 

Time limit is out and I,m sewing as fast as I can!    

It's our Princess Ingrid's birthday and we celebrate her in the break.  
 Ready for ranking!

 I was very Happy with my outcome!

 Andreas said that the seams are perfectly sewn,
 but Tine said; "We miss all the Christmas decoration!"

I told that the mice didn't have time to do all the decoration.

I got the 5th place and Brage with the Santa Claus got the first place,
and Monica with the cow got the second place.


Our second Challenge is to sew a Party Outfit of totally 5 scarves - Time Limit:                               1 hour 30 minutes!

 We are so excited, but it's not easy to chose!

 For the first time I didn't chose orange!
 Concentrating about the project.

The skirt is going to be very fluffy for this party-dress!  


 The judges said that it's nice, creative and a fun idea.

  I got the 4th place and Trudie got the 1st!  

 She was so overwhelmed and we were very Happy for her!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jen! I haven't finished it jet. Next part is coming!

  2. You are the first place for me, everytime!

  3. Congratulations for moving forward again! Look forward to reading your next episode!! P.S. Agree with Izi above.... you are the first place for me every time too!! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Lisa, you are an angel! I will publish the last part of this episode tonight :)

  4. Congratulations Ellen! I watched 2 seasons of the Sewing Bee (I'm in Canada so that's all we were given so far) and how nerve wracking it does seem - I can't imagine how much pressure you're all under and all in front of the camera. You have nerves of steel :)

    1. Thanks Kathleen! yeah, you can imagine, it's a lot of stress! :)


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