Part 2 - 4th Episode Sewing Bee!

The last challenge this episode was to sew a luxurious bathrobe with a creative belt within           3 hours 30 minutes!

I had to practice to reach the time limit! 
My first test is based on Burdastyle pattern #114 12/2016 but was to complicated, 
so I tried BurdaStyle pattern #128 11/2009 and made a Obi Wrap belt instead.

 We had prepared the pattern and fabric at home, so it was just to give it a go!
  Monica and me started with a big Hug!

 Trudie and me shared the table for cutting the fabric.

My choice was pink micro-satin and viscose fabric.


I had to start sewing as fast as I could, because I new it was very hard to complete the bathrobe..

Tine thought the vliseline I had chosen was to heavy, and I could see it when I was ironing it on the micro-satin..

 Monica had a very lovely fabric as well, 
but of course everyone was struggling with the time limit!
 Christine tried to cheer me to complete in time...
 The last minutes counts for everyone!

 Our host needed a break.....
 Everyone is ready for Catwalk!

 Our judge, Andres said to me; that was a little cute one..
 and all of us were laughing..

 They had to check all the details;
 if I had sewn stitches close to the seam inside the pockets,
 and underneath of the collar.
 Tanja                                    Yasser 
 Bjørgen                                     Brage
 Ingrid                                     Monica 
 The hardest thing for the judges are to decide who has to leave the competition..

 First they choose the best project of the week;
 and Tanja was Happy to get it!

 Unfortunately Bjørg Elisabeth had to leave...

 We will miss you our good and fabulous seamstress! ♥


  1. Love your robe fabric!!! This is so much fun to read and follow along!!!

    1. Thank you very much dear Rita! It makes me Happy to hear ;-)

  2. Such fun reading along with you on your sewing bee journey! So much appreciate that you include photos from the others, as well as your own creations as it really seems like we, the reader, are there with you. I LOVED your robe and thought the belt was a great design finish. Also really like the dress you made earlier. You have a great eye for color and design and it shows through in all you make. Congratulations on moving ahead and Good Luck in the next round!!! :)

    1. You are always so kind and cheers me up with lots of sweet compliments! Thank you very much Lisa!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us. It looks like a lot of fun! Your colors, construction and design choices are spot on and very beautiful. Everyone on the Bee looks to be in excellent form also! Best wishes for you success!!

    1. Thanks a lot Miss Rosie! It has been a lot of Fun and even if it is a competition we still are good friends :)


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