Challenge #7 - Sewing Bee

The first challenge was to sew a Mondrian Dress within 3 hours 45 minutes! 

I have always wished to make a Mondrian Dress like this. 
Since it was the first challenge of the Sewing Bee Episode 7
I just had to make one!

I didn't have any pattern, but I used the same pattern as I used when 
I won the Member Model Challenge with the Asymmetric Collar Shift Dress
I adjusted the pattern and draw the lines on the front part.

Monica got the first place
Brage got the second place
Tanja the third place and 
Yasser the last place.

Second challenge was to make a transformation of bicycle tires within 1 hour 30 minutes!

Monica was the winner!
Tanja                                                 Brage
Yasser got the last place 

The last challenge this episode was to make a statement jacket with inspiration from The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Album within 5 hours 30 minutes!

I have practice a lot for the last challenge of this episode, to be sure to reach the time limit.
We were allowed to cut the pieces of fabric before the clock started ticking.

My first test jacket was to complicated and took much more time than expected.

My second test jacket was also to much time consuming.
This jacket is based on Burdastyle pattern #121 06/2016

Then I was happy with my third choice of pattern.

For all the jackets I have made paspels as decoration were the buttons are.
To be quite sure that I could reach the time limit, 
I chose to make another test jacket like this.

I was wearing the jacket in the last episode :)

My plan was to use lemon linen with black details, and with the same lining for the challenge. This jacket is still not made..





 Tanja got the masterpiece  of the week!

Unfortunately Yasser had to leave the competition.


  1. LOVE your jackets! And your blue outfit ensemble is gorgeous with the jacket topping it off beautifully!! Thank you for continuing to share the Sewing Bee journey. :)

    1. You are so sweet Lisa! Thanks a lot for your lovely compliments! ♥


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