FINAL Episode - Sewing Bee

The first challenge for the final was to sew a pleated shirt within 4 hours 30 minutes!

Monica was the lucky winner of the shirt!

Second Challenge was to transform ties to a statement garment within 1 hour 30 minutes.

 The judges are impressed of the stylish ties outfit!
  Monica                                          Brage
Tanja was the winner!
 The host, Christine decided that she would like to chose the masterpiece of the day!
Tanja made this underwear of ties for fun :)

Everyone where laughing!

The final assignment was to sew a nice Bride Dress within 6 hours 30 minutes!

Brage's Bride Dress 

Monica's Bride Dress

Tanja's Bride Dress

Happy seamstress' all together again! ♥

 The judges have to decide who is the Best Amateur Seamstress of 2017

 We were suppose to see all the garment we have been sewing since the show started, 
173 pieces all together!

  We are studying Trudie's beautiful tranformation garment.

 The finalist are here!

The price is this beautiful Prymadonna!

 The finalists are so EXCITED!

 And the winner is: TANJA!


Kristin is the manager of the production team.

We are so HAPPY for YOU!๐Ÿ˜

I have been practicing to sew a Bride Dress, and I will share it in a separate post.


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