Part 1 - 6th Episode Sewing Bee!

  Vi are ready for new challenges!

First challenge was to sew a blouse with a flounce within 3 hours 30 minutes! 

I found this nice cotton, but didn't like the color so I change the fabric to a polyester, 
but that was not a good idea!

  I decided to use plain red as a second color.

 This is how it works!

I'm concentrating for sewing the flounce. 
 I'm trying to figure out which way the flounce is going to be sewn.

 Tine is whispering to Andreas that my fabric is not a good choice!

  Tanja is struggeling with her black vlies...


 We are excited to hear what the judges have to say.
 Tine tells us that everyone have chosen wrong fabric, and she shows us which one we could have picked, and that was the one I was holding in my hands! 

The judge said that my blouse was perfect except from 
the flounce that I had been sewing on the wrong side. 
Tine also said that it really doesn’t matter what side the flounce is placed, 
therefore I was really surprised when I got the second last place.


Foto: Tore Zakariassen
I was NOT happy to receive the second last place!

Ingrid got the last place and was not happy at all..

  Brage was Happy to receive the first place!

Second Challenge was to transform a blazer, belonging to Andreas, to something feminine within 2 hours!


 I have not been fast enough to select the garments, I have tried to improve, 
but still I’ am always one of the last. Therefore I ended up with the brown blazer. 

 The judge are so surprised !

This was my original plan.
I was so sure that we were going to make something of plastic bags, 
so I decided to try this Technic with the blazer, 
but since the fabric was very heavy, it was not easy to make pleats on the collar.   

 Foto: Tore Zakariassen


 I was not happy to receive the last place!

Ingrid got the first place, and she was so HAPPY!


Of course I couldn't give up!

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  1. Love the pop of red on the flounce on your top and agree in that it should not matter which side is which for the flounce insertion. Not sure how this episode ended? Did this end the sewing bee for you? If so...... I am shocked as thought your work showed so well against the others all through the competiton to-date. You have a talent..... a gift..... in sewing creative, beautiful, beautifully fitting and well put-together garments for all ages and this sewing bee opportunity certainly showcased your skills, your energy and love for sewing. So yes, please! Never give up!!! You are a winner in my eyes dear Ellen!! Look forward to seeing what you create next!! :)

    1. You are so sweet dear Lisa ♥ Thanks a lot for all the lovely compliments! Since you have read my last post you know how it this episode ended.., but I never give up, I still have project to share for the next episodes. I had to practice at home for the projects we were suppose to prepared for each episode before the show started. Big hug to you my friend!


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