Part 2 - 6th Episode Sewing Bee!

The last Challenge this Episode was to sew a raincoat with sealed seams within                                5 Hours 30 minutes! 

I had to make a test raincoat at home to be sure that I could reach the time limit!

I didn't have the same fabric as I chose for my original project, but at least I could try making the paspel pockets with the raincoat fabric.

 We are always ready for new excitements!
 I had to measure my model to see that my patterns would fit good.

I'm always challenging my self, so my choice of fabric was a bit tricky to work with since it was quilted lining covered with plastic, but I hoped the judges would give me credit for it.      

I combined the quilted fabric with yellow raincoat fabric to make it more special.

I'm working with the paspels for the pockets opening, and I used more time than expected since the fabric was heavy. I hoped the judges would give me some credit for it.  

We had to use a kind of raincoat glue band for all the seams, and it took a lot of time, but I was happy with my curved raglan sleeves.

 Raincoat with paspel pockets sounds complicated Christine says.

Tine says to Andres that Ellen still have a lot to finished.
She thinks that I probably would not be finished in time, but I did!

 I'm a perfectionist, so I had to sew the zipper twice this time..
I do not hope you have a lot more to do, Christine says.

 Foto: Tore Zakariassen

I was really HAPPY with my raincoat and how it turned out! Tine said it was a great idea with the magnet buttons in front.
I was a little disappointed that the judges didn't mention my nice paspel-pockets and my hoodie. I decided to use two seams instead of one seam for the hoodie to make it looks nice, and I also lined it with black satin.

The judges said that the top stitches was beautiful, and the raglan sleeves looks nice, 
and the seams are nicely prepared with the glue tape.
Then they pointed out that I should have drawstring at the waist,
and I did sew it properly, but didn't have time to put the waistband in place.

Tanja's raincoat 

 Ingrid's raincoat

 Yasser's raincoat

 Monica's raincoat

Brage's raincoat

I still hope to stay and show more of my creativity. 
 The judges are discussing who has to leave the competition.

 Congratulations to Monica who wun the masterpiece of the week!

 Then to the sad thing; 
Two persons had to leave the competition this time.

       I didn't want it to be me, but sadly the judges had decided
                               that me and Ingrid had to leave.

Of course I hoped to continue since I have been practicing very hard.

I fulfilled most of the challenges in the competition and I'm leaving the show with a Good Feeling.

I was sure to be able to show my sewing skills in the next episode, but I will share the next challenge of my test-projects on my blog! 


  1. In this case..... again..... I LOVED your raincoat! The fabric combinations and sewing skillset you used make it stand out above the rest. Having just left a comment on your previous post, you know how I feel about the judges decision. You did a GREAT job and should be so very, very proud of your work! Big Hug to you sweet Ellen!!! :)

    1. You are so kind! Thank you very much Lisa! It was a lot of stress to fulfill all the projects in time, but I am proud of myself that I managed :-) Big hug to you too!

  2. Awww what a shame. I don't think you should have gone home. Your coat was stunning and had so much work in it. I have absolutely loved reading your summaries of each episode and seeing the gorgeous outfits you wore (and made) each time. I would love it if you kept writing about the series for us who can't watch it or speak the language! I'll look forward to reading about your test garments too.

    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely compliments dear Megan! It makes me happy to hear :-)

  3. It was a great run, Ellen! Congratulations on doing such nice work under pressure. I've enjoyed following along with your adventure -- thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks a lot Jen! yeah, it was a lot of pressure, and I'm glad it's over... ;-))

  4. Excellent run, you did great! I disagree with the judges decision also. At least the pressure is off! Big hugs, Ellen, take a break from sewing you tiring me out just reading about all the challenges (wink-wink)

    1. he, he, You're so kind Zsuzsa! Thanks a lot for your nice words! It was a lot Fun indeed! ;-)

  5. Så trist at du måtte ut.
    Fin blogg

    1. Takk for gode ord Liv! Koselig blogg du og har :)

  6. I loved the flounce blouse. I also disagree with the judges decision! And your coat is my favorite! So unique like everything else you make! I really love your creativity and I hope you get over this disappointment and keep up the great work that inspires so many! Big hug Ellen!

    1. You are so kind Georgia! Thanks a lot for your lovely compliments! and Congrats to you my friend! ♥ I love your work too! Big hug too you as well!

  7. So sad to read that you did had to leave the sewing bee competition.

    1. Thanks Sonja! We had a lot of Fun, and it was a great experience :-)

  8. Anyway you are the winner for yourself for your family and for your sewing community... I cannot understand what they didn't like... especially that old mam who don't see that her dress doesn't suit either for her figure nor for her age. I like all your works and you have such a great sense of colour!
    It is great adventure and great experience and we enjoyed following it.

    1. Thanks a lot for your very kind words my friend ♥ Yeah, it has been a great experience and adventure, and of course we have had a lot of fun too! :)

  9. So sorry you had to leave the competition. I thought your raincoat was stunning. All the other were just plain raincoats. It was fun reading about the competition and seeing your makes throughout the past few months. I am sure it was a great experience. I think everyone who was selected to participate had to be winners to be selected for the competition.

    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely words Linda! We had a lot of fun during the competition and it was a great experience! :)


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