Story #3 - Insta

This is my third Story on Instagram for The Sewing Bees :)

I have decided to transform these garments to make a dress. 
I'm going to use a shirt with long sleeves, a sweater and 2 cardigans.
 This is how I want it to look like when it's finished, but sometimes I change my mind..

First I made the decoration for the top.


I have used the bottom of my cardigan as collar.
The skirt is made of my husbands sweater, 
and I choose to use a double layer of from the cardigan as the hem of the skirt. 

Voila! Dress is finished!


  1. You have such great imagination Ellen ! I love it, it looks great on you. What a fun project.

    1. Thanks a lot Zsuzsa! It's fun playing with garments and fabric! :)

  2. I love the fabric combo! It's a beautiful job as always.

  3. Denne kjolen (har sagt det før)E någe av det finaste eg har sett👏💛Nydelige farger og kombinasjonen er perfekt👍👍💛


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