Refashion Tops :)

Transformation is Fun! 💥👀 This sweater is made of a combination of:
1. Black & White knitted jacket,
2. Black top with long sleeves,
3. Yellow top with short sleeves.

I started with cutting the jacket in pieces,
and separate the sleeves from the black top.
At that time I wasn't sure what to wear together.

Then I found this yellow top that I like very much
It's only to short, and the neck is a bit to wide.
I wanted to keep the top, 
so I only cut the rib of the bottom and the sleeves. 
 I have use the shawl collar around the neck
and I can make a bow on the shoulder if I like.
 - or keep it open back or forward.

I cut the black top at the waist and inserted the yellow rib,
and also used the yellow sleeves rib at the bottom of the striped sleeves.  
I have used black jersey as rib for the hem and the sleeves. 
I also added a double layer of jersey at the neck. 
Now, I'm very Happy with my top! 😉 


  1. This is great. I have a few long sleeve tops that I want to refashion. Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thanks a lot Zsuzsa! You always makes great tops! ♥

  2. Wow Wow Wow :-)) Very creative and artistic!

  3. Fantastisk Ellen!Likte at du hadde det gula med blei knasj det♡♡Du e så kreative!!!

    1. Tusen takk Torunn! Tenkte litt på deg då! ♥


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