Asymmetric Jacket & Skirt

 I love asymmetric Lines! The hoodie, sleeves and everything is Great! ! 💋
  I have used wool from a Norwegian factory and it's so warm and delicious.
For the hoodie and the bottom of the sleeves I have used black satin.
The asymmetric skirt is made of the same wool fabric. 
I had to use a twin-needle for the hem and edges.
I have made a Skirt like this before in wool blends, but then the edges didn't fray so it was easy just to cut the skirt without seam-allowance for the hem. 
I think the two piece looks nice on my lovely model Sara 😍


Pattern is from BurdaStyle 05/2008

Skirt pattern #108 01/2015


  1. She looks great in her new outfit! I like the satin touches!

  2. I love asymmetrical lines too and this whole outfit is just gorgeous! Love the wool - this plain gray wool just lets all the lines do the "talking" which I really like :)

    1. It makes me Happy to hear :) Thanks for such nice compliments Kathleen!

  3. She looks gorgeous in her new outfit ! Love the asymmetrical lines !

    1. So nice to hear :) Thank you very much Zsuzsa!


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