Seventies Style Blouse

This is one of the most exclusive fabric I have been sewing with.
It's a silk satin and it's really delicious to wear!
When I saw this fabric it was screaming at me, 
and I fell in love with it at the first site 💕
 I had to find the right pattern, and I knew I have been waiting 
for the right time to try this pattern. 

 This is definitely slow fashion because I had to hand-stitch a lot.
I'm enjoying sewing in the sun on our holiday. 
To make it look nice I had to hand-stitch both around the sleeves, neck and hem. 

This is how the front part should have look like if I had follow the pattern instruction,
but I since I have used a flower printed fabric it wasn't nice to have a seam in the middle.
I was so Happy that I had enough fabric to cut a new front part 😊 


  1. I made this one last year. Mine is out of stretch burnout velvet. It is a lovely pattern. I love the cheerful fabric you chose.

    1. Thanks, it's nice to hear :) and I agree, it's a nice pattern. You have made a lot of nice outfits!

  2. Stunning! This fabric is screaming for hand sewing :) and like you say, there are times when it's lovely to sit, relax in the sun and just sew! The result is just so beautiful - I'm a silk addict so I'm over the moon. Love how the sleeves announce, "See this beautiful silky satin?!"

    1. Ooh, thanks a lot for such lovely comments! I'm very happy with the result :-)


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