Tulip Blazer and Skirt

I'm ready for spring to come!💚💜💗

It was a while since I've made a blazer with this kind of collar,
so I was struggling with the collar stand,
and I think I did it much more difficult than I had too..
The instruction for the pattern was in Spanish 
so I had to look it up on the internet instead.

The fabric is cotton with stretch and I just love this printed Tulips!
I have used satin lining for the blazer and stretch lining for the skirt. 
The thing that I love about this pattern is the peplum and the belt at the waist.
If you look closer you will see that it is a double layer of peplum, which make it very unique.

The skirt is nice with the inserts at the waist and back panels. 
These inserts makes the skirt very well fitted,
and the length is very nice too.

I have made my own shoulder pads which I found this 
Shoulder Pads pattern.pdf on the internet.


  1. I'm so glad to see this jacket sewn up as I wanted to make it when I have a chance. It looks great on you and I like it with the black pants. I was thinking to leave off the extra flaps below the waist but they make a design feature that is interesting.

    1. Thanks a lot Beth! I'm sure you will love it, and I agree, it makes it special with the extra flaps :) Nice to see your blot too!

  2. Ellen, Ellen,... what can i say??? I can not say anythings because i am speechless!!! I love the print, love the pattern,... and i love you and everything you do.

    1. Thanks a lot dear friend for such lovely words! You made my day! ;-) ♥

  3. I love the tulip jacket and skirt! It is nice that they can be worn together or separately. Great job as always!

  4. Eg e bare så øvjidde på ka du får til,nå har eg kjendt deg i mange år men du overaske stadigt :-)!!For någen fine detaljer i jakke og skjørt!Har du for i skjørtet og?

    1. Tusen takk gode Torunn ♥ Ja, det ble stretch for i skjørtet sånn at det er godt å bevege seg i :)


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