Twisted Shirt

This is a pattern I like a lot! 

I think the twisted line at the waist is very nice.
The upper body it also pleated at the waist,
and it was fun to make! 😉


  1. Very cool, great choice for fabric. Love it

  2. I'm assuming this is another Burda pattern :) ? I have a pattern similar to this by Papercut patterns but I haven't yet made it up. I notice yours is quite fitted which I think is the big difference between yours and Papercuts which I like. I'll have to watch the sizing on mine since they tend to run rather large and I think for the twist in the front to be flattering it should be closer to the body. Love your top!

    1. You can have a look at the BurdaStyle pattern on the link underneath the picture of the pattern. I agree with you, it has to be a bit fitted. If not, the knot in front will be to loose. Thanks Kathleen!

  3. This is a great looking top and the fit looks marvelous! I like this pattern also but don't have the small waist line as I once did. Tough I think the twist front may give an essence of waist!! I will have to look at this pattern.

    1. Yeah, it's a great style, and I think it's easy to adjust the waist :)

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