Lace Dress with a twist of Lemon :)

I knew this pattern from before when I made my dress with applique
I wanted to try it once more with this beautiful cotton lace fabric 
I bought in a local shop which I was the lucky one to open in January. 
If you like you can see the video here
Red carpet at Radisson Blu Astorija in Old Town Vilnius 😄

I thought it would be nice with yellow lining.
I also cut a yellow strip and sew a rolled hem on both sides so it doesn't fringe.
On top of it I sew a piece of the lace fabric, gather the it on both sides 
and hand stitched around the neck.   
I have just cut around the flowers at the hem, 
and I think it's a nice finish.

We are celebrating my mother in law's 93 years birthday 🎉🎈


  1. Your dress is lovely! Your mother in law looks great for her age.

  2. Thanks for your Lovely compliments Linda! 😊


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