ORANGES in St Peterburg ♥

When the show for the Norwegian Sewing Bee were made,
we decided to travel on a Fabric-Safari once a year.
This year Tanja invited all the Lovely Sewing Bees 
to Russia to her hometown St Peterburg 😎💗

I bought this fun fabric at Krestoffer 
I have tried this pattern two times before, but never with jersey.
I love jersey because it's so easy to move around and 
it's great for travelling!
If you like you can see the first jacket I made here
and my white jacket here :)

We are so excited to meet at Oslo airport!

My jacket was a perfect fit together with Tanja's cool velvet pants!

Finally arrived at St Peterburg airport ✈

Here we are on a boat trip to Peterhof Palace
If you like, you can read more about our fabric shopping at Tanja's blogg

BurdaStyle 05/2008


  1. Love your fun jacket! I love the shape of it. The meet up looks such fun too!

    1. Thanks Diane! Yeah, we had a lot of fun😄👍🏻

  2. LOVE your 'orange' jacket of 'oranges'!!! Such fun!! What a wonderful time you guys had together. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Lisa! We had a Fantastic trip, and it’s Fun to be together with such enthusiastic sewing friends😍✂️

  3. This had to be a fun trip ! Love the jacket !

    1. That’s for sure😜😄 Thank you very much Zsuzsa!

  4. Så flotte jakke Ellen��Fargane smashing����


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